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New Reprints - Hop Cultivation
Hop Cultivation by Charles Whitehead - a practical guide to hop cultivation covering all of the seasonal activities in detail. Charles Whitehead was born in Kent and for many years farmed 500 acres of hops, fruit and wheat. He joined the Royal Agricultural Society in 1857 and was elected first chairman of the Botanical & Zoological Committee in 1871, a position he retained until 1899. He wrote many papers for the Society's journal particularly on market gardening, hop cultivation, fruit farming and potato culture. He was elected Vice-President of the Royal Agricultural Society in 1889 and advised the government on a number of subjects, most notably insect pests and wheat and potato disease. This booklet, first published in 1898, looks at the hop growing districts of England and the varieties associated with them. It details all aspects of growing, earthing up, manuring and tying. There are sections on hop pests and diseases as well as hop picking and drying. Buy it now only £4.95

English Hops - A History of Cultivation and Preparation for the Market from the Earliest Times by George Clinch. Written in collaboration with Messrs. W H & H Le May, a widely-known firm of hop Kent hop factors, this book describes the cultivation, preparation and marketing of hops in the first quarter of the twentieth century. Buy it now £6.95

      •   Chapter I: Botany, Chemistry, Varieties
      •   Chapter II: Propagation and Cultivation
      •   Chapter III: The Hop Market, Prices & Duty
      •   Chapter IV: The History of Hop Growing

The Hop and its Constituents edited by Alfred C Chapman. Buy it now £7.95

      1.  The Hop Plant - Prof. John Percival
      2.  The Characteristics of a Good Hop - Prof. John Percival
      3.  Fertilization & Cross-Fertilization of the Hop - Albert Howard
      4.  The Manuring of Hops - Bernard Dyer
      5.  The Cold Storage of Hops - Lawrence Briant
      6.  The Essential Oil of Hops - Alfred C Chapman
      7.  The Bitter Substances & Resins of Hops - Dr. Georg Barth
      8.  Hop Alkaloids - Philip Schidrowitz

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A History of Clee & the
Thorpes of Clee - £10.95

A History of Clee & the Thorpes of Clee

Amos Appleyard £4.99
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Old Grimsby £11.50
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Robert Kett & the
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