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KETT'S REBELLION: The Norfolk Rising of I549

1. KETT'S REBELLION: The Norfolk Rising of I549 by Stephen K. Land

KETT'S REBELLION IN NORFOLK by The Rev. Frederic William Russell (21.47MB) 

Page 76:

  "Byshops Gate rampired with erth that night.
A pece of ordinaunce carried to the old common stathe yard, the ij brethern of the Appleyerds watchyd that place that night"

Page 77:


"Itm for drynke for the ij Appleyards3 who watched that place that nyght"

3 The "ij Appleyards" were most probably John, the owner of Stanfield Hall, and Philip his brother. - See Blomefield: Windham

3. The Religious Allegiances of Sixteenth-Century Peasant Rebels by Timothy Slonosky (1.32MB) 

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